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Remote engine starters have risen to one of the top features requested by vehicle owners. They are affordable and very useful devices to have throughout the year. In the winter, drivers can conveniently warm up their vehicle without stepping foot in the cold. While in the summer, a car can be cooled down to a comfortable temperature before sitting inside. In addition, remote starters are easy-to-use. So, it's no surprise these devices have quickly become integrated into the lifestyle of many drivers.

One of the most convenient features of modern vehicles is remote engine start. This allows drivers to warm up or cool down their car before they step inside, making it a safe bet for those who may need to leave just as soon as possible!

A Toyota Remote Start is a great way to ensure your vehicle is always ready for your next adventure. Have questions? 

We've got you covered with these FAQ's.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you start your Toyota with the Toyota remote start system?

  • Press the Lock button on your Toyota remote 3 times in a row.
  • 2 short presses within 1 second.
  • Hold the third press for 3 seconds.

Q: What is the range of the Toyota remote start system?

Toyota's remote engine start is designed to work effectively in up to 80 feet of open space. The environment, including buildings, hills and trees can affect the system’s range but if you are at home or at work with your vehicle within range then Toyota will turn it on for you!

Q: How long will the engine run after you turn it on with the Toyota remote start?

After using the Toyota remote engine start, the engine will idle for 10 minutes before turning off. You may use remote start again for an additional 10 minutes, but after 20 minutes of the total operation, the engine must be started manually.