2020 Toyota Corolla Goderich

Are you a fan of the Toyota Corolla? If it’s a yes, we suggest that you get ready to take a closer look at the 12th generation of your favourite sedan, the 2020 Toyota Corolla, at Goderich Toyota! If you’ve not had a Toyota Corolla-experience yet, we recommend that you pay us a visit. You’ll.....Read More

3 Things to Know When You're Shopping for Summer Tires

With summer around the corner, the road conditions here in Ontario have changed. Icy roads aren't going to be a factor anymore, so instead, drivers have an easier drive ahead of them. Careful drivers would have switched tires during the seasonal change to winter. Winter brings its own set of difficult road conditions, so winter....Read More

Here’s Your Guide to Toyota’s Hybrid Line Up for 2019

If you think that it’s time to get a new car, whether as your first new purchase or as a replacement for a car you bought years ago, now is a good time. Automotive technology has continued to advance, and the commitment to both environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency means that Goderich Toyota has a....Read More