Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Goderich, Ontario

Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Goderich, Ontario

Canadian summers are never long enough, so be sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts! There are lots of great ways to get outdoors and stay active, and there are many amazing places in Ontario to discover.

Goderich, Ontario is a beautiful town in Huron County that boasts picturesque scenery, blue waters and many wonderful local produce and businesses. Goderich is located 3 hours northwest of Toronto, and once you visit, it will be clear to see why it’s named “Canada’s prettiest town.”

This town offers several great hiking sites, so if you’re looking for a change of scenery and want to stay active, consider one of Goderich’s hiking trails. Those looking to escape the city for the weekend and locals alike take advantage of the many trails offered here.

We’ll list some of the most popular hiking trails you can explore this summer. They each range in length and time commitment, so you can enjoy the trail no matter your experience level!

The George G. Newton Loop Trail

Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Goderich, Ontario

The George G. Newton Nature Reserve is an estimated 33-hectare land reserve that is home to old farm fields, a forested ravine and a stream that runs west toward beautiful Lake Huron. Within the reserve is the George G. Newton Loop trail. This trail is perfect for all skill levels, as it’s one of the shortest trails found in Goderich. The George G. Newton Loop trail is well-marked and well-maintained, and it spans 1.3 km in length. Additionally, the elevation of this trail stays relatively the same, so it’s a great spot to visit in every season – it’s even for snowshoeing in the winter.

The reserve is home to over 7 species of trees, over 4 species of birds and many other animals. Enjoy every step of the way of this beautiful nature trail!

Click here to learn more about the George G. Newton Nature Reserve.

G2G Rail Trail: Goderich to Blyth

Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Goderich, Ontario

If you’re looking for a longer trail, the G2G Rail Trail is another great option. Not only is it suitable for all skill levels, it’s also dog-friendly! So, it’s a great way to spend the outdoors with friends, family and 4-legged companions. The G2G Rail Trail is a moderately trafficked point-to-point trail. The trail’s total length is 127 km between Goderich and Guelph, Ontario. But if the total route is too ambitious, not to worry! The trail’s closest point is 25.7 km long and runs from Goderich to Blyth, its neighboring town. It’s also open year-round, so you can enjoy this trail through any season.

The G2G Rail Trail is most popular for road biking, walking, hiking, running, cross-country skiing and even horseback riding.

Click here to learn more about the G2G Rail Trail.

Maitland Trail

Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Goderich, Ontario

The Maitland Trail stretches between Goderich and Auburn, Ontario, spanning a total 52 km. This trail is represented by the Maitland Trail Association (MTA) – an organization dedicated to the maintenance and protection of the wildlife within the trail. The Maitland Trail is the MTA’s main trail, but there are many other side trails within the area for you to enjoy. The MTA even offers team-lead hikes. If you’re interested in hiking with a leader, you must register in advance.

The MTA welcomes donation subscriptions that go towards the protection and maintenance of the trails. Non-members are also welcome to explore the MTA, too.

To learn more about the Maitland Trail and other MTA trails, click here.

Explore Goderich, Ontario!

Discover the Best Hiking Trails in Goderich, Ontario

The trails we’ve listed here are just a few of many picturesque routes you can explore in Goderich. So make the most of the rest of the summer and even the seasons to follow in the outdoors of this beautiful town in Ontario. These trails are a great way to get outside, stay active and spend quality time with friends and family. We’re sure you’ll love the views as much as we do!

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