Top 5 Places to Visit in Goderich

Top 5 Places to Visit in Goderich  - GoT

Home to Goderich Toyota and several other car dealerships - Goderich is a great destination spot for those wanting to explore more of Ontario, Canada. It is the county seat of Huron County and was founded in 1827.

There are many great destinations to visit in and around Goderich, including beaches, historical sites, and more. Here are the top five places to visit if you find yourself with extra time on your hands in Goderich.

Grand Bend

While there are beautiful beaches in Goderich, if you are looking for a day trip with sun and sand, then Grand Bend is the place to go. Approximately 40 minutes from Goderich down the Lake Huron shoreline, Grand Bend is a community that welcomes thousands of visitors each year thanks to its reputation as one of Canada's best beach towns. The huge stretch of beach means that there is plenty of room for everyone, and Grand Bend's beaches are Blue Flag certified, meaning that the water is the highest quality and that the beach is accessible and eco-friendly.

Beyond the Grand Bend Beach, the town also features a main strip that offers a variety of restaurants, shops, and nightlife destinations to meet your wants and needs. Despite its small year-round population of approximately 2,500 people, Grand Bend has everything you might need with major grocery chains, bank branches, restaurants and food kiosks, and accommodations galore.

Grand Bend beach, Goderich - Goderich Toyota

Red Bay Tent

A little over an hour and a half north of Goderich, you will find Red Bay Tent & Trailer Park, located in beautiful and sunny Red Bay, Ontario. Red Bay is in the heart of the breathtaking Bruce Peninsula, which divides Georgian Bay of Lake Huron from the lake's main basin.

The Red Bay Tent & Trailer Park is an ideal spot to stay as you explore the fascinating limestone flower pots, lush cliff-edge woodland, historic light stations, and more found in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Red Bay is located just 20 minutes north of Sauble Beach and 45 minutes south of Tobermory, allowing you endless day trip possibilities. In addition to overnight tent and trailer campers, Red Bay Tent & Trailer Park also offers cottage accommodations--a 3-bedroom cottage and a 2-bedroom cottage available for weekly bookings during July and August with additional options available in the shoulder seasons.

Red Bay Tent, Goderich -  GoT

African Lion Safari

While the African Lion Safari is only two hours southeast of Goderich, you will feel transported to another continent during your visit. The African Lion Safari is a Canadian landmark and has been a global leader in conservation for decades, highlighting the importance of protecting wildlife. Started in 1969 with 40 lions in three reserves, the African Lion Safari now houses more than 1,000 animals comprised of over 100 species.

Consisting of over 750 acres, animals roam free at African Lion Safari, interacting naturally with other animals. You can see not only lions but giraffes, yaks, rhinos, zebras, and more in their natural reserve habitats from the comfort and safety of your car, where you can take a 4-6-hour safari for a full day of family fun. There are also plenty of hands-on exhibits and educational opportunities at African Lion Safari, where the mission is to blend education, entertainment, and conservationism together in a healthy and safe manner for the animals and visitors alike.

African Lion Safari, Goderich - GoT

Lake Huron

Lake Huron is the second largest of the Great Lakes of North America. This 23,000-sq-mi lake is known for its impressive shoreline (the longest of all the Great Lakes), great fishing and boating opportunities, and 120 historic lighthouses. Lake Huron is bounded on the west by the United States (Michigan) and on the north and east by Canada (Ontario).

Often cited as one of the prettiest towns in Canada, Goderich is an architecturally rich port town that sits on the bluffs overlooking the shores of Lake Huron, making it an ideal stop if you want to enjoy the lake's beauty. It provides an incredible number of recreation and leisure choices, as well as breathtaking views of nature. Over a quarter of Goderich's land is dedicated to parkland, many overlooking the lake.

In Goderich, you can enjoy three beaches along the shoreline of Lake Huron and a 1.5-km boardwalk runs along the waterfront, allowing you to fully enjoy everything Lake Huron, and Goderich, has to offer.

Lake Huron, Goderich - GoT

Rotary Cove Beach

Rotary Cove Beach is the newest of Goderich's beaches along the shoreline of Lake Huron. Located at the end of Cove Road, it is sandy and shallow, a great choice for families that want to relax and have fun. The beach is open from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m., and it features concession, washrooms, fitness equipment, and play equipment. It is a great location to spend a few hours or the entire day, enjoying everything that nature has to offer.

Goderich is an idyllic city to visit in any season, but summer brings out the best that this port town has to offer with its striking views and accessibility to Lake Huron, as well as its central location near many other Ontario tourist destinations.

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