Category: Vehicle Maintenance

Your Toyota vehicle is made for dependability and reliability, but there are four parts that it needs to work properly-its tires. Tires can make or break the driving experience. Here are some facts to help you get a better handle on everything related to your Toyota tires. Tire Sizes The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires....Read More

Time to Get Your Brakes Checked

Without properly functioning brakes you don’t have proper control of your vehicle. Faulty brakes put you and your passengers in unnecessary danger. Here’s a rundown of what you should keep in mind. How Long Do Brakes Last?  Your brakes should last upwards of 50,000 km if they are maintained or serviced regularly....Read More

3 Things to Know When You're Shopping for Summer Tires

With summer around the corner, the road conditions here in Ontario have changed. Icy roads aren't going to be a factor anymore, so instead, drivers have an easier drive ahead of them. Careful drivers would have switched tires during the seasonal change to winter. Winter brings its own set of difficult road conditions, so winter....Read More